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Why...? by Ludifer
I have been struck with writer's block :(
But apparently my creative energy found another outlet. Haha. 

I suffered with something emotional very recently, and this provided some therapy. Combined with my friends being by my side I am feeling a lot better. But I decided that this was good enough to finish and upload anyway.

 Anyway... on to the pic. Feel free to come up with your own ideas as to why Maka is crying. :). There was no real point when I did this (apart from ofc my own drama that I won't bore you with) and so I'd love to see any ideas.

Hope you like it! I decided to use a greyscale instead of colour, I hoped that created an emotional mood. 
Maka Scythe form (TOS) by Ludifer
Maka Scythe form (TOS)
Hey guys!

This is Maka's scythe form from 'The Other Side'. Thooooo.... I guess it could also be her weapon form from the anime too :p
For those of you who don't know, 'The Other Side' is my own fanfiction. A dark CroMa based fiction where Maka has been captured by Medusa, experimented on and infected with the black blood. Fun no? :3. 

OK so I really wanted to show the corrupted form of her weapon here, but I also did the pure form just for comparison. In fact her pure form does pop up once in her mind fighting the infection of madness. 

I really hope you like the designs of her weapon, I had to actually hold myself back from going mega crazy with the design... as it would have been tooooo much and wouldn't look right in the SE world. 

Hmmm... what else... oh! Yeah... I've done a different style again XD. I can't just stick to one style as I haven;'t found one I am happy using yet. But.... this was really fun to use. This style was based on a tutorial I was using.

ok if anyone fancies reading TOS then you can find most of the chapters on my profile here on DA and the most recent ones are up on A link is on my page. 

Thank you all!
Crona and Stein cosplay 3 by Ludifer
Crona and Stein cosplay 3
The third Stein I found.
Ace cosplay. 

Crona was me, :iconludifer:.

Once again if anyone knows who this Stein is then let me know.

At MCM comicon 2014!
Crona and Liz by Ludifer
Crona and Liz
Found a great Liz cosplay!
(It's a bit blurry, her sister took the picture.... darn you Patty! XD)

Crona is me, :iconludifer:.

If anyone know's who Liz is then let me know!

At MCM comicon 2014!
Crona and Stein cosplay 2 by Ludifer
Crona and Stein cosplay 2
This was the second Stein I found... omg he was awesome. That Spirit scythe was amazing! 
He asked me where Ragnarok was so I told him to please not wake him up as he has been picking on me all morning and is unconscious from a Maka chop! XD

He loved that answer haha. 

Crona is me, :iconludifer:.
If anyone knows who Stein is then let me know!

At MCM comicon 2014!


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
If you like my writing or just want to have a read of some Hellsing/Soul Eater fanfiction I also have a page on…

please don't hesitate to read and review!
Yeah.... dunno if anyone actually takes the time to read this....buuuut whatever. :P

Anyway thought I would update on my life. Let's see.... a few things are going on.

First off, the military. So close now to being sent off for my training now :D. Which is good for my career and money wise... not so much for my writing and art. But I'm hoping I'll find time somewhere, perhaps on the break between training or after it all. Where I can try and update my story etc.

Oh and the second is that I have two cosplay costumes I am working on :3. Never done it before but always wanted to! OMG. Can't wait to finish them both. I have a Crona costume nearly done. And also Seras Victoria (yellow uniform) nearly done as well. Aaaaargh.... cannot wait! So pics will be up on here as soon as they are done. Hope you all don't mind seeing my ugly mug XD.
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